Eset nod32 not updating

It consistently takes 7mins-9mins to open this dwg, different people, different computers, and different connections to the network.

We have investigated the specs on our computers and feel that they are pretty good. When we have someone open up this file in ADT07 (that does NOT have the Object Enabler for ABS installed on it) they can open it in 45secs. We have also have people in Civil 3D 07 open it (who do NOT have the Object Enabler for ABS installed) and they can open it in 45 secs or less as well.

I have done timed tests when rebuilding the dwg to see how long it takes to open each time I add in the next xref (see table below).

Is there anything that can be done to speed this up.

There are other dwgs that we have that deals with more duct and piping (3d objects) that take similar amounts of time. There is only one of the xrefs that has an attached grid that is pulled in.

When I have them install the Object Enabler for ABS and try opening it again in ADT07 it will then take them 7mins-9mins to open it.

If I uninstall the Object Enabler, it goes back to opening in 45 secs.

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If you don't have the object enablers installed, ADT won't read those objects as 3d.

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